News and social media outlets are buzzing Wednesday with the news that Donald Trump has reached a deal with Carrier Corp. to keep about 850 jobs in the U.S.

For most of the 1,400 workers faced with losing their jobs once the company, which manufactures gas furnaces in Indianapolis, moved its operations to Mexico in 2017, the news feels like a huge victory.


We have been following this story for months now and even went out to Indianapolis to speak with workers who were blindsided with the news that the job they planned to retire from was closing up shop for cheaper labor outside the U.S.

Following this latest development, we reached out to TJ Bray, one of the previous workers we spoke with in Indianapolis, to find out what he thought about the deal and what he’s going to do next.

We also looked at more reactions to the deal from employees and the union.

As we await the details of the deal, which are expected to be revealed Thursday, we can’t help but watch the conversation going on on the internet and everyone’s reaction to it. Some facts to consider:

  • Carrier’s parent United Technologies reaps $5.6 billion in revenue making Pratt & Whitney jet engines for the Pentagon.
  • While Carrier is symbolic of the diminishing manufacturing workforce in the Rust Belt, the top 10 employers in Indianapolis all are in the medical/healthcare field and employ nearly 83,000 workers.

Some see this as a battle victory in the war against outsourcing:




While others see it through a different lens, one that is looking at the bigger picture:


What we don’t want to do at WorkingNation is jump to any conclusions before we hear the details, and we do have a number of questions that we plan to address in the coming days as we learn more including:

  • Is this news a relief for workers or a wake-up call?
  • What does the landscape look like for the 1,000 employees who will remain?
  • How does this affect other companies around the area and the country, both in manufacturing and in other industries?

In the meantime, we plan to watch this development very closely and continue our mission of addressing issues like this in a way that provides the most benefit to the worker and the workforce for the long-term. More in the days to come.