WorkingNation presents our series of premium digital magazines, offering a rich multimedia experience of insider insights, personal stories, and pertinent data about the rapidly-changing landscape of work. In each edition, WorkingNation and our partners examine a unique topic through insightful articles, videos, and podcasts. 

Overlooked and Sidelined

CWI Labs, WorkingNation, and Scripps News present a look at older workers at the intersection of age, race and gender.

Climate and Careers

Exploring the opportunity at the intersection of climate resiliency and the workforce

The Middle: Indianapolis

WorkingNation and Lumina Foundation present our new digital magazine—The Middle: Indianapolis

Veterans and Work

Telling stories of people and programs helping veterans find good careers

Welcome to Inquire Within

Introducing you to the WorkingNation digital magazine

American Workers Survey

How ready are we for the changes in how we work and prepare ourselves for careers?

Talent Finance

The most critical question of 2021: How do we prepare our workforce for jobs now and in the future?