Climate and Careers

Every job can be a green job

Climate and Careers: A WorkingNation digital magazine produced in collaboration with Jobs for the Future (JFF), Ares Charitable Foundation, and World Resources Institute (WRI)

For more than four years, WorkingNation has turned a magnifying glass on a growing part of our economy and workforce: climate-resilient or green jobs. What we learned early on was that any job can be a green job.

That’s what attracted us to the mission at the heart of Climate-Resilient Employees for a Sustainable Tomorrow (CREST), a five-year, $25 million grant-funded initiative of the Ares Charitable Foundation in partnership with Jobs for the Future (JFF) and the World Resources Institute (WRI).

All too often, conversations about the environment focus solely on the threats to our planet. But protecting and repairing the environment is not just good news for our world, it is also good news for the American worker.

Climate change is causing economic shifts across all industries, requiring workers with new skills and capabilities. CREST’s goal is to close the gap between the demand for a skilled workforce for green jobs and the number of people prepared for these opportunities. 

And those green job opportunities are popping up in urban and rural areas everywhere and in every industry – in construction, manufacturing, the skilled trades, agriculture, textiles, tech, and more.

CREST kicked off two years ago on Earth Day. The initiative has embraced the idea that any job can be a green job and the partners are actively working to make certain there are workers prepared to fill the roles that are being created and reimagined in the move toward climate resiliency.

To better understand this CREST initiative and movement, WorkingNation has collaborated with Ares Foundation, JFF, and WRI to bring you our Climate and Careers digital magazine.

Inside these pages, you will hear from the leaders in this mission, the entrepreneurs who are innovating changes, and learn about the skills needed to thrive in the green economy.

We invite you to dive in. And we invite you to share Climate and Careers with your community.

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