Bilger CNBC Op-Ed: Creating a career path for underserved communities

States are working with local businesses to support apprenticeships.

As automation and AI technologies continue to reshape the make-up of the workforce, more and more current workers and job seekers are going back to school or going online to get the skills needed to get a good job.

For many, the cost of upskilling, earning a college degree, or gaining other quality credentials is out of their price range. Money doesn’t have to be a barrier. Many businesses are offering work, earn, and learn opportunities through apprenticeships.

At WorkingNation, we’ve profiled a number of states that are working with local businesses to provide these apprenticeship opportunities. Our Founder and CEO Art Bilger wrote about these states making a difference for the CNBC special report, America’s Top States for Business.

“Multi-tiered collaboration can lead to opportunities to level the academic and economic playing field for disenfranchised communities, arming them with the skills needed to attain economic security and enabling them to live a dignified life. There are several states already making connections with local business leaders to tackle this crucial issue, many through exposure to paid, career pathway learning opportunities.”

There are more than 7.3 million open jobs in this country, waiting to be filled. Apprenticeships can help fill them.

You can read the entire Op-Ed here.

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