Chok Ooi on giving voice to Black students

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Chok Ooi is co-founder & CEO at Kenzie Academy, which offers both on campus and online programs in Software and UX Engineering. Under an income share agreement, they do not pay tuition upfront. Kenzie students do not begin paying back their education costs until they are in jobs earning $40,000 or more.

Ooi says Kenzie wants to see more diversity in the tech field so “everyone has a seat at the table. We really focus on people who are underrepresented which includes women and people of color.” Ooi adds that following the death of George Floyd, Kenzie reached out to Black students to hear their voices and is committing to an employer mentorship program.

WorkingNation interviewed Ooi for #WorkingNationOverheard as a media partner with the JFF Horizons 2020 conference. You can watch all the interviews on our YouTube channel.

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