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Challenging odds: Single moms at Monroe Community College

Overcoming barriers, pursuing dreams, and building futures

Overcoming barriers, pursuing dreams, and building futures
Millibel Cotto, Courtney Bleier, and their children navigate financial and emotional obstacles while the women are pursuing degrees at Monroe Community College (MCC). MCC stands out for actively supporting single mothers, who face significant graduation challenges. MCC is working on initiatives like communal housing to enhance support for single mothers, addressing their multifaceted hurdles in higher education.
Director: Lara Everly
Producer: Emily Lallouz
Cinematographer: David Auerbach
Editor: Alborz Kamalizad
Executive Producer: Melissa Panzer, Joan Lynch, Art Bilger

This video provides a glimpse into the lives of Millibel Cotto, Courtney Bleier, and their children as the women navigate financial and emotional challenges while striving to earn their degrees.

Monroe Community College (MCC) stands out as one of the few institutions actively acknowledging and supporting single mothers within their student body. Disturbingly, statistics reveal that only one in ten single mothers manages to graduate in six years, highlighting the significant obstacles they confront.

Nevertheless, MCC is taking steps to address this issue. The college is working to foster a sense of community among single mothers, with initiatives like communal housing on campus in development. These efforts aim to provide enhanced support for single mothers, recognizing the multifaceted challenges they face.

The video conveys the challenges and difficulties experienced by single mothers, emphasizing their determination to secure their degrees. MCC’s initiative signifies a step towards addressing the hurdles faced by single mothers in pursuit of higher education.

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