Green Jobs Now

What is Green Jobs Now?

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Green Jobs Now: California
Outline the WorkingNation series on what is a green job and where are they now. Explanation of what a green job is, based on analysis by MISI, Paula DiPerna, Emsi Burning Glass, and WorkingNation. ...
Indiana: The home stretch!
To close out his cross-country road trip, Jay returns to his home state of Indiana to see what happens when his two biggest passions collide: sustainability and sports!
Iowa’s SOS call: Save Our Soil!
As the country’s leading producer of corn, centuries of continuous agriculture have depleted Iowa’s soil of organic matter and released tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but a few simple steps could turn it all around and turn the state into the Fort Knox of carbon storage.
The Mississippi moonshot
Mississippi’s economy continues to suffer as leadership remains loyal to legacy petrochemical industries, but a few innovative companies breaking ground within the state are opening the workforce’s eyes to the idea that greener gigs can offer bigger bucks.
A very special Earth Day episode
In honor of Earth Day, Jay sits down with environmental consultant Paula DiPerna to discuss some of the most overused and misunderstood terms in the world of the green economy.
The electrification of Illinois
As home to several of the most significant events in the nation’s labor movement history, Illinois is transitioning into the green economy by putting its workers first.
Arkansas: Rice, rice, baby!
Rice is a staple food for half of the global population, and nearly half of America’s national supply of rice is grown on 2,300 family farms in one state: Arkansas. This week, Jay investigates the environmental concerns and considerations that go into growing, milling, and consuming rice, which, as a major world crop, is also a major contributor to global warming.