Carrie Farmer on the perception of PTSD

Warrior Community Integration Symposium: Thought leaders discuss support services and initiatives in the workforce for veterans and military spouses

A minority of veterans have PTSD so this should not be a primary concern of employers, says Carrie Farmer, senior policy researcher and co-director of the Rand Epstein Family Veterans Policy Research Institute.

WorkingNation sat down with Farmer in Atlanta at the Warrior Community Integration Symposium – an annual convening of veteran-serving organizations hosted by America’s Warrior Partnership.

“PTSD is a condition that arises after a traumatic experience where someone is in fear of their life. And this is something that can happen to veterans. It can also happen to civilians,” says Farmer.

“So, in the employment setting, a veteran or a civilian may both have PTSD. It’s not necessarily the case that it may be more common among veterans – when employers are not considering mental health conditions among the rest of their civilian population.”

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