Brian Brookheart on difficulty of finding employees in the roofing industry

WorkingNation interviews leaders in sustainability at the GreenBiz 20 Conference in Arizona as part of our #WorkingNationOverheard campaign.

Brian Brookheart is a Patent Holder and Founding Member of VADA Vented Roofs. His commercial roofing career spans 40 years.

Brian shares with us the difficulty of finding good people to work in the roofing industry. “Ninety-three percent of all roofing companies name finding good employees as the number one problem in roofing these days,” he says.

At age 25, Brian’s roofing company was installing major projects for Fortune 50 Companies, and at age 30, he was hired to design 400,000-square-foot roofs for Fortune 100 Companies.

In 1987, Brian began designing vented roofs for the commercial roofing industry. He says that in over 30 years and millions of square feet, no VADA roof has ever been damaged by wind.

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