Blair Ciesil on developing skills outside of educational institutions

A new campaign encourages employers to hire those Skilled Through Alternative Routes

Employers can create opportunity for STARs, people Skilled Through Alternative Routes by eliminating the four-year degree requirement for some positions. A new campaign from Opportunity@Work and the Ad Council encourages companies to tear the paper ceiling.

Blair Ciesil, global leader of talent attraction at McKinsey, says, “What we think of as skilled workers is a wildly outdated notion right now. Using a degree as a proxy is not the right one –it’s the underlying skills and capabilities. That’s what makes a worker skilled. And ironically, those are skills that are often developed outside of educational institutions and, in fact, on the job.”

Ciesil notes a colleague – who is a STAR – is an “incredible technologist” who is helping other organizations hire STARs based on their capabilities. She reminds, “There are STARs all around us.”

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