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Back to Work: Opportunities in early childhood ed, biotech, and health care

Read on if you’re looking for a career pathway in Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Maryland, or Massachusetts

This week, in our search for job and training opportunities, we found some options in teaching, cell and gene therapy, and the health care profession.

Check it out.

From Hawaii: State of Reform reports the demand for health care professionals in the state has grown by 76% over the last three years – more than 3,800 job openings in 2022.

From Idaho: Idaho Education News reports members of the Idaho State Dental Association are turning to high schools to help remedy staffing shortages.

From Louisiana: CNN reports a Baton Rouge nonprofit is teaching youth how to build their own bicycles, gaining mechanics and welding skills, as well as mentoring and academic support, and job training opportunities.

From Maryland: Bio Buzz reports a number of workforce development programs in the state aim to keep the cell and gene therapy workforce strong.

From Massachusetts: WBUR reports Boston is using federal funding to assist people who want to be early education teachers via free education and training programs at area institutions.

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