fiber optics network

U.S. job growth last month came in at 253,000 – significantly higher than the Wall Street estimate of 180,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, the April unemployment rate was 3.4%.

Every week, WorkingNation seeks out job pathways in various industries. Our most recent findings come from Alabama, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, and Utah.

Take a look.

From Alabama: The Cullman Tribune reports residents can learn how to install and maintain fiber optic networks with free, short-term training through the Alabama Community College System.

From Illinois: Variety reports a Chicago program is training people to work in the film industry with the hope it will lure more productions to the state.

From Pennsylvania: Public News Service reports a training program has the goal to increase the number of Black workers in skilled trade apprenticeships.

From Puerto Rico: Pasquines reports the federal government is recommending more than $34 million for projects to make communities and the economy more climate change-resilient “while creating jobs and economic opportunities for Puerto Ricans.”

From Utah: The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources shares requirements to become a conservation officer for the state.

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