Back to Work: Check out some employment and training opportunities around the country

What are some of the work-related opportunities around the nation aiming to help people get back on the job?

WorkingNation is always looking for employment pathways being offered around the country.

What do cannabis, propane, and seafood have in common? These are industries in parts of nation that are making training or hiring opportunities available. This week, we highlight Alabama, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Louisiana, and North Carolina.

Take a look.

From Alabama: Huntsville Business Journal reports Toyota Alabama will begin exclusively producing the engine for the 2022 Toyota Tundra, bringing 450 new jobs to the Huntsville and Madison areas.

From California: East Bay Times reports Silicon Valley Clean Energy and the San Jose-Evergreen Community College District Workforce Institute have launched a new online course focused on all-electric building practices—designed to acquaint contractors and apprentices with the latest in all-electric building systems and appliances.

From Connecticut: Hartford Business Journal reports institutions in the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system are expanding their cannabis-related programming offerings as the state looks to growth in its recreational marijuana industry.

From Hawaii: University News reports a $1.6 million federal grant awarded to the University of Hawaii will fund food and agriculture education for Native Hawaiian and underrepresented students.

From Louisiana: Bossier Press-Tribune reports the Louisiana Sea Grant has received monies from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to support seafood industry workforce development in the Gulf of Mexico.

From North Carolina: Butane-Propane News reports the North Carolina Technical Education Center in Graham is training people to work in the propane industry as the current workforce considers retiring from their jobs.

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