ASU+GSV Summit 2022: Jean Eddy on helping young people understand career opportunities

Thought leaders share ideas with WorkingNation Overheard at the ASU+GSV Summit 2022

Young people – those in middle and high school – need to be able to understand the opportunities that might be available to them as they consider their education-to-career pathways, according to Jean Eddy, CEO and president, American Students Assistance (ASA).

She says that navigation needs a re-haul.

WorkingNation sat down with Eddy at the ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego.

Being ‘digital natives’ – as Eddy calls young people – ASA has created content that allows exploration.

“We developed a product called Futurescape that allows a young person to go into this platform. They can do games and play. It assesses abilities and talents through gameplay. Why I think Futurescape is so cool, it opens up a world to these students,” says Eddy.

“I see this as an opportunity for kids to do a lot of exploring, hone what it is that they are trying to lean into, and then use the services of a career counselor in school as a way to refine that search.”

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