Reaching students early is a key component to N Ventures’ pathway to the world of design. Giselle Morell, head of marketing activations and customer engagement, explains, “Our focus is expanding access to Parsons School of Design’s world class education and pedagogy – and democratizing so that we can provide access to underserved underrepresented areas.”

WorkingNation sat down with Morrell at the ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego.

N Ventures is collaborating with the recently opened Newark School of Fashion and Design, a high school with 120 students in the freshman class.

“It’s a three-pronged approach, so creating curriculum based on the Parsons’ pedagogy. The second part is really integrating the students into the Parsons’ community. And then the third part is professional development for the high school faculty,” say Morell.

She says experiential learning may include attending a fashion show during Fashion Week, hearing a chat with a lead designer with a clothing company.

Morell says that N Ventures is working on creating industry partnerships that will afford students access to internships, as well as connections to additional school districts.

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