ASU+GSV Summit 2022: George Hornig on investment and the skills gap

Thought leaders share ideas with WorkingNation Overheard at the ASU+GSV Summit 2022

The impact of early-stage investment is significant, says George Hornig, chairman of The Seed Lab. “We’re investing in things like using new tech technologies for improving training and skill development,” says Hornig.

WorkingNation sat down with Hornig at the ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego.

He says the companies that are receiving funding from The Seed Lab are experiencing the much-discussed skills gap.

Hornig says he’s not seeing young companies investing all that much in the training of their talent.

If the issue is not addressed, Hornig says, “The economy will continue to see wage inflation because the people who do have the skills are just going to be able to bid up the prices of their work.

“On a broader scale, it’s the social side of our society. People who have the skills are in the ‘haves’ and those who don’t are really left out. If we don’t engage them, we end up with this dual society.”

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