ASU+GSV Summit 2021: Matt Sigelman on the role of green jobs in the economic recovery

Leaders in tech, education, and workforce development share innovative ideas about what's to come

“One of the trends that we’ve been seeing, that’s having a profound impact on the market right now is just the pace with which skills are changing writ large,” says Matt Sigelman, CEO of Emsi Burning Glass, a data and analytics firm focused on the labor market and the skills needed to successfully compete in the today’s workforce.

“Overall, the average U.S. job has seen 30% of its skills replaced over the last decade alone. And that’s accelerating. We know that there are certain skills, particularly those that are involved in driving technology which are in high currency—a range of data skills, a range of analytics skills, a range of software and development skills,” says Sigelman.

But he adds, “I want to emphasize that the demand for those sorts of digital skills today, isn’t just the province of tech jobs. In fact, we’re seeing huge demand for those kinds of skills across the economies.”

The green economy is one of five sectors that will drive the country’s post-COVID economic recovery, according to Sigelman.

Sigelman offers a look at the significance of green jobs, as outlined in a Burning Glass report. “A lot of what we need to focus on is not how do we transfer workers from the carbon economy to the green economy, but instead, how do we move people who have been working in carbon-based parts of the economy to other kinds of roles?”

He continues, “How do we find a talent base that can shift into the green economy? When we can understand the skills of each job, we can affect those transition successfully.”

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