ASU+GSV Summit 2021: Eric Bing on the critical need for allied health workers

Education and tech leaders gather to share innovative ideas about what's to come

The College of Health Care Professions is the largest provider of allied health graduates in the state of Texas. The importance of these roles became even more clear with the demand generated by the pandemic. Allied health workers are unsung heroes, according to Eric Bing, chancellor and CEO of CHCP.

“They are being appreciated more than ever and picking up more duties. They are going to have so many more opportunities and growing their careers in health care going forward because of what has happened in COVID and the need for the quality services they provide,” notes Bing.

Technology and the ability to access learning online is critical to CHCP’s students. “What we do know is a single mom, working two jobs, and putting kids to bed, cannot do three hours of reading at 10 o’clock,” says Bing. “You need to be able to look at the whole picture.”

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WorkingNation—a collaborating partner of the ASU+GSV Summit—sat down with Bing in San Diego as part of our #WorkingNationOverheard social media series.

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