ASU+GSV Summit 2021: Charlie Schilling on addressing the skills gap

Leaders in education and tech leaders share innovative ideas about what's to come

Emeritus offers online learning for in-demand skills intended to help people advance their careers. The organization partners with universities around the world including Wharton, Harvard, and Dartmouth. Emeritus states its “short courses, degree programs, boot camps, and senior executive programs help individuals learn new skills and transform their lives, companies and organizations.”

“We do it in a unique way that we think drives better outcomes in that we developed with these universities, cohort-based learning. It is then delivered online with defined start and end dates, real life course leaders that go through the program with students in order to drive these types of outcomes,” says Charlie Schilling, president of enterprise business at Emeritus.

Schilling notes that a significant number of Emeritus’ students are working people whose upskilling is paid for by their employers. “Traditionally, our business has been designed to serve consumers directly, but what we know about our consumer base is that 41% of individuals in our courses get their tuition reimbursed by the companies for which they work. We think that’s an important signal about how we can do more.”

Among the course offerings—data science and analytics, coding, finance, and artificial intelligence. Schilling points out that last year Emeritus served 100,000 learners around the world.

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WorkingNation—a collaborating partner of the ASU+GSV Summit—sat down with Schilling in San Diego as part of our #WorkingNationOverheard social media series.

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