ASU+GSV: Andrew Crapuchettes on the “luxury” four-year-degree

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Emsi is an economics firm that collects and analyzes large amounts of labor market data and uses it to help people make smart work and life decisions.

WorkingNation interviewed Emsi’s CEO, Andrew Crapuchettes, for #WorkingNationOverheard as a media partner with ASU+GSV’s Virtual Summit 2020, held from September 29 through October 1+October 8. You can watch all of the interviews on our YouTube channel.

Crapuchettes says that the pandemic has left us with an uncertain workplace future that may mean employers and educators will have to take a hard look at the traditional four-year degree.

“I think four-year degrees have been a luxury that not all sectors of our society have been able to access because it’s not just the cost of education, it’s the time cost of education,” he says. “Can I go take four years away from working if I’m a single mom, or if I grew up and don’t have the family backing to be able to pay the bills during that time period?”

Instead, Crapuchettes hopes to see a shift.

“I think as the workforce system and the higher education system takes a hard look at this, I think we’re going see more and more skills-based micro-credentials, and people getting the education they need to get a great job and a great career. And I think you’re going to see more connection to careers,” he says.

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