Dr. Jill Buban

Chief Growth Officer, EdPlus at Arizona State University

Dr. Jill Buban, Advisory Board, has more than 20 years of in-depth experience spanning in the postsecondary education and ed tech sectors. She is one of the nation’s leading working learner experts and is passionate about increasing access to educational opportunities that make a concrete difference for learners.

She is currently the chief growth officer for EdPlus at Arizona State University.  Immediately prior to this roll, she served as vice president and general manager of EdAssist by Bright Horizons.

In that position, Dr. Buban helped companies reimagine the role of education in the workplace and understand how it can be a tool not only to entice new talent and encourage retention, but also to inspire adult learners to build meaningful skills, explore new professional pathways, and nurture a career that is aligned with the needs of tomorrow’s workforce.

From health care to tech, banking to retail, Dr. Buban has forged relationships with and gathered insights from senior leaders in every industry – insights that can inform how we shape the national debate around the future of work post-COVID and help employees find purpose and happiness in work.   

Previously, Dr. Buban served in senior roles at multiple postsecondary institutions, spearheading efforts to expand quality educational opportunities and access to nontraditional students. She also led two national organizations (Unizin Consortium and the Online Learning Consortium) where she honed expertise on innovation and impact in learning.

She has built a sterling reputation as an expert in higher education and adult learning, and is a recognized influencer in workforce development and education technology.