Aaron Rasmussen on navigating college challenges

Thought leaders share ideas with WorkingNation Overheard at Presented by JFF Horizons – See Beyond 2022

College can be daunting, but a new cost-free resource is now available to help students navigate their postsecondary experiences.   

Aaron Rasmussen, founder and CEO, Outlier.org says, “We are launching our free College Success course to anyone in the world who wants it. This course teaches you the skills you need to be successful in school.” 

WorkingNation sat down with Rasmussen at Presented by JFF Horizons – See Beyond 2022 in New Orleans.

The course covers topics like productivity, avoiding procrastination, and how to read a syllabus. “Part of the class has a productivity expert that helps you figure out ‘how do I balance my job and the job skill training that I’m doing,’ whether that’s college or a micro-credential or upskilling that you need to get done. Everybody needs help with that, including myself,” says Rasmussen.

He says College Success offers information about ways to reduce student loan debt. “It teaches you the skills and information you need to get things like financial aid by filling out the FAFSA. Avoid things like loans which are very easy to get, but obviously people make money off of you. Teaches you about scholarships, grants, and anything else you can get to help offset the cost of college so when you graduate, you have much less student debt to pay off.”

He also notes that the free course can help people who might not be looking toward the college route. “It has an initial part that can help direct you into, let’s say, a trade school or maybe certifications or job training, et cetera. All of the skills that you’re going to learn in this College Success course will help you

Partners in the College Success initiative include Amazon, Chromebook, NACAC, Jobs for the Future – JFF.

Learn more about Outlier.org: https://www.outlier.org/

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