8 programs addressing the highest unemployment rates in the U.S.

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WorkingNation is always looking at stories addressing how different parts of the United States are trying to get unemployed people back into the workforce.

The latest jobless claims numbers top 880,000, according to the Department of Labor. In our Future of Work blog posts, we look at programs and initiatives being undertaken to address the unemployment crisis.

The following eight states or territories have the highest insured unemployment rates through August 22.

From Hawaii: Hawaii Business Magazine reports despite high unemployment numbers, hiring is happening in construction, health care, and computer and system administration.

From Puerto Rico: T&D World reports a state-of-the-art campus will offer customized curriculum and hands-on training to current and future utility workers as part of the effort to modernize Puerto Rico’s electricity delivery system.

From Nevada: The Progress reports the College of Southern Nevada is expanding workforce training services to include the autonomous aircraft industry (drones), manufacturing, and warehouse distribution.

From New York: Times Union reports the Workforce Development Institute in Albany has launched a statewide website to help workers find training and certification opportunities.

From California: Progressive Railroading reports a California agency has launched a website to step up recruitment for high-speed rail training.

From Connecticut: NBC Connecticut reports the state announces a talent pipeline focused on manufacturing.

From Louisiana: Reveille reports Louisiana State University’s School of Social Work is awarded $2.5 million to grow the mental health workforce.

From the Virgin Islands: The St. Thomas Source reports the University of the Virgin Islands Center for Excellence in Leadership and Learning is offering a free hospitality industry training.

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